Word Eternal Life

This is the rule for those who want to instruct your child (a). First, if the country did its part as talking to divine order would not have endless headaches. They explain that there is no time to read and talk There is time for everything, play football on weekends, celebrate, etc … Friends have a preference.

Moved away from the dialogue between father \ son. Exhaustion takes over, the excess, the work and the need for daily use, causes no more time to: educate, some think that only with supplying food, medicine, basic needs is enough for home care. However, the parental relationship  subsidiary goes beyond more physical replacement. The human being is not complete only with the “buy this and that, filled with gifts and ready.

The Legislature held its intervention in the family institution. This from an author. Since the institution began to fail. It is noted a lack of space in the sacred writings “Instruct a child in the way he should go, even when you do not depart from it. The author of this phrase, write with priority to parents is the proper instruction. Education takes time.

This is instructing you have time to read, pray, talk, change without irritation, without harsh words that hurt your soul. In the vertical relationship from top to bottom, you must be careful. Because you have been down there. Now do not repeat the past.

Parents prefer to use the “stick”. The rod is required when practiced with love and affection. When loaded with toughness, anger, rage, destruction can bring no action. As statistics have increased gradually, the Congress had to approve a project and promote a strong action for the institution.

The home is an institution with the intention of protection, training, education of their descendants and ascendants a reciprocity of mutual respect. Because they are the continuation of the present generation is the future of a nation. Therefore little love is still little. The law, as one teacher said “DURA LEX, SED LEX”, the law is hard, but it is the law.

It is no accident that the law came. If there is failure so something is de-structuring the family. The law came as a “Stop”, ie a stop. Saying the country, you do not know how to educate their children. Henceforth, you will be punished if they punish.

Parents need to return to the Word of God. The instruction requires the instructors time. The time to read the Bible, the Magna letter, stories, magazines, watch the television with them, while asking, what you are saying is correct? Take the thought and training. Because they will be and the continuity of our generation and a country. Let us restore the dignity of the family, turning to you who left a clear command: “Let love one another” including children and your neighbor.


In the Lord Jesus.