About Us

A World Mission Strategy is an international interdenominational mission based in Vitoria-ES, Brazil and Europe, London, England. Works in partnership with Brazilian Evangelical churches and international encouraging them to take the love of Jesus to other people. The priority is the evangelization of the world through the opening and implantation of new churches.

What sets the World Mission Strategy is the care we provide to our missionaries. The support team mission is experienced and well trained to monitor the adaptation to the field and the continuing ministry of the missionary. (Click and see our ministry What We Do).

Another thing that sets the World Mission Strategy is the potential for international contacts. Having partnership with international foundations TEAM decreed in over 40 countries by facilitating the acquisition of visas, support for Brazilian missionaries, and offers 115 years of ministerial experience.

A World Mission Strategy exists to facilitate church Brazil to follow its mission to evangelize the world by sending missionaries to other nations, peoples and countries. Global Strategy Mission believes that God has prepared Brazilians to work in fields where missionaries from other nations are not as accepted. The Brazilian has a vibrant faith to be shared with people and people who have never heard of Jesus.

We want to help you get to the field. We want to help your church to send missionaries.Write us to acquire other information.

Your Mission – Our Mission

Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, the purpose and task of our mission is that Christ be lifted up so that all nations may know Him and all who believe may have eternal life. We’re nothing, that is, we are earthen vessels in which God has deposited the treasure of the gospel to the EXCELLENCE of power is from Him and in ours. The glory of God is hide to many because the god of this world has blinded their understanding. Therefore, we do not depend on our own intelligence, tactics, strategies or wisdom to present it. We want above all to present Jesus Christ and the glory of God to the world as its power.

This mission of God is our mission. This mission is yours!
“Nevertheless, you did well to participate in my tribulations … Not that I’m looking for offers, but what can be credited to your account.” Fil 4: 14.17


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